How to apply licenses to the VA

There are 2 ways to apply licenses to the VA

Automatically import licenses

  1. Navigate to “Options” and select Licensing settings

  2. Select to “Import Licenses” and follow the wizard to select which contract(s) you wish to add to the Appliance, and how many licenses/tokens for each product you wish to apply.
    If you haven’t linked your portal account to the Virtual Appliance, you can do that here.

The Email is the address to which you use to login to the Cristie Licensing Portal.

The Password is the password you setup when registered.

Note: you must have already registered for the Cristie Licensing Portal and linked your account to your contract(s) using your contract number and contract password, found on your Entitlement Certificate

Note: it is currently not possible to surrender licenses from a Virtual Appliance back to the Portal. Cristie do not recommend pulling down all of your licenses at once

Manually apply licenses

If your virtual appliance does not have access to the internet you will need to manually apply licenses.
Please see the below link for more information.

How to apply a manually generated licenses