How to setup a Hot Standby job

Firstly, ensure you have added a suitable contract (haven’t licensed your VA? See here).

To create a new job

  1. Once you have a valid contract, navigate to the Replicate section

  2. Select the new job button from the Replication Jobs panel

  3. Select the details from the form provided

Note: a job can only contain physical OR virtual machines. If you want to protect both physical and virtual machines, you will need to create 2 jobs and select physical as the target in the other job

You are now ready to add machines to your newly created job

  1. Select the new job, and select the add machine button from the machines panel

  2. Type the IP address of the system you wish to replicate

    Note: this list shows machines that have already had CloneManager installed. If you type an IP address that does not have CloneManager installed, you will be prompted to install it here

  3. Enter the credentials for the machine, select the target from the dropdown (virtual jobs will show target hypervisors, and physical jobs will show physical machines (or virtual targets already booted into the CloneManager ISO)

Press save to add your machine(s) to the selected job.

If you want to know more about advanced replication options, click here