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Advanced replication/migration options

To configure advanced replication options you must select the cog next to the target dropdown of the add machines screen.

Advanced options consist of 4 categories:

Disk configuration - Select to replicate all volumes, or choose volumes to replicate

Network configuration - Give your replicated machine a new hostname or IP address

Hypervisor configuration - Select custom hypervisor options

Other - Other replication options

  • Create snapshots (hot standby virtual jobs only) - Create a vSphere/Hyper-V snapshot before every hot standby operation. For more information on snapshots click here
  • Enable disk mapping - Required if migrating to a system with a different disk configuration (layout, size etc) than the original machine
  • Disable HP services - Enables successful migration of certain HP enterprise servers. Only enable if instructed to do so by Cristie Support
  • Dissimilar Hardware - You should enable this if your target hardware is different to your source hardware. This is only required for replications to physical systems, or hypervisors that Cristie do not yet fully support