What is boot management and how do I use it?

Boot Management allows the user to create minimal ISOs for network booting, and custom ISOs to boot the BMR ISOs/CloneManager with static IP addressing built in.

Boot Management is accessible via the tools menu:

Boot mapping allows the target mini ISO to boot into a Windows or Linux recovery environment Automatically for any of the features enabled on the Cristie VA. Then by mapping a MAC address of the Target to a specific product and operating system the recovery image loads directly from the VA

Create the Mini webboot ISO

Minimal ISOs can be built with pre-defined IP addresses or DHCP:

Use the Add Boot Mappping to join the Webboot ISO to the target

Once complete the mapping is listed in the VA

Create the Clonemanager Job and add the machine to it

Click the Cog image and select the hypervisor Configuration tab

Choose the Webboot ISO created earlier


Run through the rest of the setup to completition.

When a minimal ISO is booted you will be notified in the alerts section.

Custom ISOs can also be created within Boot Management. Please see the following links for more details:

Creating a custom ISO
Importing CSV files for building custom ISOs
Importing CSV files to bulk create boot mappings