Use a new ISO imported using the Import Hotfix tool in the Cristie VA

Occasionally it is necessary to use an ISO for testing or to resolve an urgent issue using one given by Cristie Support. Once imported the ISO hotfix should be chosen in the recovery or replication. To import a hotfix please see Import a Hot Fix into the Cristie VA

Target machine - VM

Set up the job, click the advance settings cog and select the Hypervisor tab


Under the Hypervisor tab select the ISO field and choose the hot-fix ISO imported earlier



To use as a CloneManager ISO in ET

Select the Enhance Testing Tab
Enable Custom ISO
Select the hotfix ISO imported earlier

Target machine - Physical

The Hotfix ISO should be used to create a custom ISO that is loaded on the target. Once done it’s seen in the ‘Show discovered targets’

Select tools / Boot management / build custom ISO

Enter the details as required making sure the Hotfix ISO is chosen in the ‘ISO’ field

Click confirm to build. Once done click on the ISO to download from the VA and use on the target system