Import a Hot Fix into the Cristie VA

Occasionally there is a requirement to add fixes/ISOs etc into the VA on the fly. To do this use the Import Hotfix feature under Tools

Tools / Import hotfix


Click ‘File’ and browse to the location of the hotfix downloaded from Cristie support.

Choose the product the hotfix is made for along with the platform.


Click ‘Import’ and wait for the confirmation in the VA Events

Follow any further instructions by Cristie Support.

Importing recovery ISOs and source agents etc will require the hypervisor to be refreshed, this is very important and is a requirement for certain hotfixes to be seen in a recovery/replication or deployment etc

Options / Hypervisor settings / select hypervisor and click ‘Refresh’

Select the ‘Configured Hypervisor’ tab


Then click the refresh button for each hypervisor vcentre/host


Wait for the refresh to finish, check the VA Events for confirmation.