Upgrading from CloneManager 8.7 to CloneManager 9.2

CloneManager 9.2 is the latest version of Cristie’s replication product, but due to a number of large improvements there are some additional considerations to take when choosing how and when to upgrade.

If you’ve upgraded your VA to version 4.1 you will already have access to the latest CloneManager agents and ISOs.

CloneManager 9.2 is not backwards compatible, so if the CloneManager Live Environment has booted with the 9.2 ISO, but the source machine is still using the 8.7 agent, you will see errors in your replication jobs. In order to resolve this, just go to Estate Management in the VA and upgrade the agents on your source machines. If you have deployed the software outside of the VA, you can download the agents manually from the Cristie Licensing Portal and then upgrade them directly from the source machines, or via another software management tool.

There are also some firewall port changes that go with the new version, these can be found in the firewall document: