How to recover your machine with a third party backup product

Before you can perform a recovery of a 3rd party backup you will need to deploy a BMR proxy
To perform a restore, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the recover section

  2. Select the new recovery button from the Recovery Jobs panel

  3. Select the appropriate 3rd party backup product you want to restore from

  4. Add the backups to restore into the list as shown:

Backup Version
Select the latest backup or from a point in time to restore.

Hypervisor Configuration
Select the placement of the virtual machine and what resources it will consume. Not applicable if restoring to existing system.

Machine Configuration
Select the type of BIOS, OS, RAM and CPU that the target machine will have (not applicable if restoring to an existing system). Target disk modification also possible from here.

Target Configuration
Select the new hostname of the recovered system and networking details.

Post Recovery
Select what actions are to be undertaken after the recovery i.e. running scripts or disabling services.

Dissimilar Hardware
If you are recovering to a physical machine you may wish to include the recovery environment with the required drivers so the recovered system can function correctly after the recovery.

Backup Encryption
If the backup is password protected, you can provide the password(s) here.