How to deploy a BMR Proxy

Before you can recover a backup from EMC Networker or IBM Spectrum Protect backups, you must first deploy a BMR proxy.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Options -> Backup servers settings from the main dashboard

  2. Select the appropriate backup server type and click the “Deploy Proxy” button"

  3. Select your environment’s DHCP configuration. If you don’t have DHCP, you can configure static addresses in the next step that will be assigned to the proxy VMs as they boot up

  4. Enter in the placement details of your proxy. These settings will dictate where on your environment the VMs get created. This applies to all supported hypervisor types. You can also set the power on state of the proxy, to either remain powered on indefinitely or to be turned off when idle.

Proceeding through to the end of the wizard will initiate BMR proxy deployment on your chosen hypervisor.