Copy xBMR Log Files from a Recovery Environment - Linux Intel/PPC

How to copy the Log Files.

It is essential for support to have access to log files when dealing with support issues.
Log files are an essential component in helping us to answer support tickets quickly and efficiently. They give us background information to understand of the cause of most issues.

Here is a guide on how to copy these log files to a remote location, e.g. a shared network folder.

Connect to a network location using the GUI interface.

From the xBMR main menu Click the option “Copy log files to a remote location”


Click “Browse” then “Mount Network Share / Device”

Here enter the details to connect to the share, using an account that has write permissions


Share / Device: IP address or hostname in CIFS or NFS format

  1. For CIFS use: ‘//ip address/share/etc’ e.g //

  2. For NFS use: ‘ip address:/share/etc’ e.g.

Click OK to confirm


Click ‘OK’ or select a folder further in and click ‘OK’ to confirm

Check the location is the one you want and click ‘OK’ to copy the log files

Wait for the confirmation and click ‘Close’ to return to the main menu.

The log files are now copied over to the chosen folder in .tgz format.

You can include them in any reply email if you already have a case open or send them direct to Cristie Support Services using the email address to generate a new support ticket.