Windows Failover Cluster - Backup & Recovery Guide

This guide applies to customers who want to use Cristie BMR to backup/recover a Windows failover cluster using shared disks.


You should backup all nodes individually ensuring to exclude the shared disk.

The data on the shared disk should be backed up separately.

Single node recovery

The recovery process for a single node is identical to any Cristie BMR recovery. Simply boot the ISO and restore as normal. Be sure to keep the same IP & hostname.

Once the recovered system reboots it will automatically rejoin the cluster.

This process also applies if multiple nodes need to be restored but the cluster is not destroyed.

Entire cluster recovery

If the entire cluster goes down and the shared disk was lost, then the process is as follows:

  1. Recover each node individually
  2. Re-create the shared disk
  3. Attach the share disk to one node
  4. Manually restore the data onto the disk
  5. Attach the shared disk to the remaining nodes and manually bring the cluster back online.