What is VA HA/Clustering and how do I use it?

From VA 3.5, High Availability (HA)/Clustering is available which allows two Virtual Appliances (VA) to be clustered for near real-time synchronization of the file-system and database. This aims to ensure that your backups and simulations continue to run even if there is an interruption of services on the primary appliance.

When the primary node is unavailable the secondary node will take over during the outage period and continue to process backup and simulation jobs. Once the primary node is functional any changes made while it was offline will be replicated back.

HA/Clustering can be configured from the VA Options -> Cluster Settings. When configuring clustering we would recommend deploying a new virtual appliance as the secondary node. When configuring the cluster, the appliance you are configuring from will become the primary node and all changes made to this node will be replicated to the secondary node.

To proceed with clustering you will need to check that you understand that the secondary node data will be lost. When checked, you will be able to enter the credentials and addresses to be used for the secondary node and the cluster address. You can also configure the polling interval for the cluster heartbeat, if the heartbeat fails the cluster will begin transferring service responsibility to the secondary node.

Once the cluster has been configured you will be presented with a success message.