What is Log Analysis and how do I use it?

Log Analysis is a new feature built into the 3.3 release of the Cristie Virtual Appliance that uses Machine Learning techniques to examine log files from failed replications or simulations and attempts to pinpoint the exact issue that caused the operation to fail.

Log Analysis is enabled by default on all newly deployed Virtual Appliances and all Virtual Appliances upgraded to 3.3. Any simulations, recoveries or replications that fail (including those used inside DR Orchestration jobs) will automatically have their logs analysed without any additional user interaction.

In order to view the results of Log Analysis, you can navigate to the dedicated Log Analysis page by clicking on the “Tools” button and selecting “Log Analysis” from that menu.

From here you can view information about replications/recoveries that have failed and the analysis of their log files. Clicking on the “i” button will display some brief information about the failure.

To view all anomaly information, you can click on the “arrow” icon to display the next window:

You can then dive further into the anomalies found by clicking the “plus” icon and scrolling through the results.