What is CloneManager Online Block Replication and how do I use it?

Starting with version 4.1, there are now three methods of replicating a machine from a source environment to a target environment;

  • CloneManager Online File Replication

  • CloneManager Online Block Replication

  • CloneManager Offline Block Replication

This article covers CloneManager Online Block Replication.

CloneManager Online Block Replication is an alternative replication mechanism to what has been previously offered, using a new transport mechanism to more efficiently move data from your source system to your target system. This transport mechanism has been developed with speed and reliability in mind, in order to reduce the overall RPO’s associated with replication. Due to the nature of the changes implemented, there are a few more things to think about when deciding which replication method to use.

Which systems support CloneManager Online Block Replication?

As it currently stands, we support the following operating systems for CloneManager Online Block Replication:

Windows 2008 R2
Windows 2012 & 2012 R2
Windows 2016
Windows 2019
CentOS 8
Oracle Linux 8
Ubuntu 18+

In addition, we also support the following filesystems:

NTFS (Windows only)

This list is always growing, so please check our support matrix regularly to ensure you’re up to date on our supported platforms.

How do I enable CloneManager Online Block Replication?

Firstly, you need to ensure your VA is updated to the latest version; 4.1. Once you’ve done that, you need to upgrade the CloneManager agents on all of your source machines to the latest version; 9.2. Once both of these conditions are met, you will be able to create new jobs using block based replication or update existing jobs to use block based replication (although this will cause a full replication to happen again). Toggling on block based replication is just a single switch under the “Advanced Configuration” window when editing a job:

Are there any other considerations when using CloneManager Online Block Replication?

Only one, and that is that when you have finished replicating a machine and wish to boot it into it’s operating system, this must be done from the VA, by clicking the “Reboot” button from the left hand “Actions” panel:


This is required so we can perform some cleanup and final driver injection before the system is fully able to boot.