What are stages and tasks?

Please note: “DR Orchestration” is in early beta, and may change significantly before the actual release


Each job can have unlimited stages and each stage can have unlimited tasks.

When you run a job, it will run one stage at a time (from left to right). It will not move onto the next stage until all tasks inside a stage are complete.

If a task fails and you have more stages after the current stage you will be asked if you want to continue or stop the job.

There are currently five task types, with two more planned for the future.
Recover task - Recover one or more systems from a backup.
Replicate task - Perform a replication of one of more systems.
Script task - Run a script and report the outcome (use after a reboot task).
Reboot task - Reboot your system(s) with a given boot order & delay. (use after a recovery task).
Manual task - Tell the job you need to perform a manual step here. The job will not continue until this is marked as complete.
Environment task - coming soon.
Report task - coming soon.