Using online replication to snapshot a target machine

Using Snapshots when replicating in the Cristie VA

When using Amazon EC2, Azure, Hyper-V, Oracle Cloud (From VA 4.1) or vSphere as your target environment for replication, you can utilise multiple snapshots to make your replication even more resilient. By using snapshotting, you do not have to rely upon the latest replication. In the event of a disaster where you need to activate your target machine, you can use one of the earlier snapshots instead. This is very useful if there is a problem on your source machine that has been replicated to your target machine for example where your source machine became infected by a virus, or a file was deleted.

Creating snapshots with online replication

If configured during the machine setup, online replication creates snapshots to your target machines VM at chosen intervals.

Under the ‘Advanced’ Tab of the ‘Add Replication To Job’ - enable ‘Create Snapshots’



Enter the amount of syncs to run before a snapshot is saved.


Enter the maximum amount of snapshots required. Once the snapshot limit is reached the oldest will be deleted, being replaced with the newest up to the maximum set here.

For more information on the snapshotting process for vSphere, please read the following article:

or for more information on the snapshots for Hyper-V, please read the following article: