Sysback - AIX update breaks Cristie Sysback - 7100.05.03.1846 - sbtsm

Cristie Sysback stops working with an illegal instruction on AIX OSlevel 7100.05.03.1846 and later when backing up to IBM Spectrum Protect backup server.

Example error:

Backing up System:
Volume Groups " rootvg"
Start date is Mon Jun 3 14:32:34 EDT 2019
User is root at server01
Estimated size is 6467 MB
/usr/sbin/mkvgback[1583]: 12059098 Illegal instruction(coredump)
/usr/sbin/sysback[23]: 14418368 Illegal instruction(coredump)

Failed to remove open backup from TSM server server01_sysbk.


This has been caused by a broken component called ‘TSM SYS BU & RE’ in the AIX operating system update.


Cristie Software have integrated a fix into Cristie Sysback version Please download this version from the Cristie Portal and upgrade to resolve the issue.