Support for Spectrum Protect server 8.1.5.x

It appears the highest supported spectrum protect server level is 8.1.2 (TBMR 8.2.2). When do you expect to support SProt server 8.1.5.x (on Linux if that matters). There are security vulnerabilities in all the lower versions that we would like to mitigate but don’t want to lose TBMR capability.

TBMR 8.2.2 supports up to TSM server 8.1.x and we have tested TBMR inhouse with TSM Server 8.1.4 successfully and would expect TSM Server 8.1.5 to be the same, Cristie 3rd Party software supported version numberings are ‘Major.Minor’ and would expect any increment of that to be compatible, e.g. 8.1.5 / 8.1.6 etc, but it is not specifically tested, when Cristie products go to test we will usually use any latest versions of 3rd party software then update the release documents again along include this in the forum.