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NBMR EMC NetWorker Pre-Schedule Command - Windows

The purpose of the pre-schedule command is to run the NBMR configuration program on the source machine automatically when the EMC NetWorker scheduled backup has triggered, this makes sure the config file used in the backup is up to date.

This works by adding a script to the source machine and modifying the Client Properties in the EMC NetWorker administrator console to point to the script.

One this is completed EMC NetWorker will run the script on the client that triggers nbmrcfg, then the EMC Networker backup starts.

There are certain conditions that should be meet:

  • The program name must begin with either the prefix ‘save’ or ‘nsr’ and must not exceed 64 characters.

  • The program must reside on the client in the same directory as the NetWorker save command.

  • Always specify the full path of the save command in the script, e.g. “C:\Program Files\Cristie\NBMR\NBMRCFG.EXE”

  • The NetWorker save command must be used in the backup program.

  • All commands within the program file must complete successfully. Otherwise, the NetWorker server cannot complete the remaining instructions e.g. the actual backup

Create a .bat file and place in the same directory as the NetWorker save command location. Script name e.g. nsr_nbmrcfg.bat

Edit the .bat file with the following

ECHO ========== START BATCH FILE =============
ECHO ==== NetWorker PRE_BACKUP COMMAND =======
ECHO ==== Runs nbmrcfg.exe before backup =====
ECHO =========================================
"C:\Program Files\Cristie\NBMR\NBMRCFG.EXE"

Add the name of the script to the ‘Apps & Modules’ tab of the client properties in EMC NetWorker Administrator Console in the ‘Pre command’ field.


EMC NetWorker logs should state a Pre command has run.

EMC NetWorker will start the backup after NBMRCFG has completed. You can confirm NBMRCFG has run by looking at the timestamp for the disrec.ini file in \NBMRCFG on the source machine, which should match closely with the schedule start time and in event viewer.

In the event of the script failing we would expect the EMC NetWorker backup to also fail.