Increase xBMR tracing for a Windows source machine

Sometime Cristie Support require extra logging to troubleshoot issues on the source machine. When Support ask for enhanced tracing please run BOTH steps below, open a new command prompt as an Administrator then run the configuration program again, e.g. cbmrcfg, tbmrcfg, nbmrcfg or abmrcfg.

  1. Create the file C:\Program Files\Cristie\xBMR\trace.ini, enter the following content into the trace.ini and save the file:

  2. Open C:\Program Files\Cristie\xBMR\cbm.ini using notepad, and change “EnableLogging” to be =1

  3. Re-run the xBMRCFG.EXE program. You should now have increased tracing logs in the C:\Program Files\Cristie\xBMR\Logfiles folder.

Confirm new log files have been created

Please email the log files to, including the CS-number in the subject for investigation.