How to resolve Disk Space Low warning

When receiving a “Disk Space Low” warning in the VA events, as shown below:

This warning is usually the result of the accumulation of old log files from recurring replications and simulations. There are a couple of options available to remediate the problem before contacting support and you can do one of the following:

1) Purge the log files

To do this go to “Options” → “Advanced Settings”, enter the total number of days that you wish to retain in the top right field and select “Purge Logs”. The default value is to retain 30 days worth of logs.

2) Expand the virtual machine disk size

To do this, modify the VA virtual machine and expand the disk volume to the size you require. After resizing the disk you will need to run the command /usr/sbin/resize_disks through the VM console or SSH terminal.

If neither of the options above apply, or resolve the issue, please contact support for further assistance.