How do I recover my backups via the VA from a NetWorker server with strong authentication enabled?

When attempting to use the VA with a NetWorker server that has strong authentication (otherwise known as strongauth or nsrauth), if oldauth has been disabled for all clients, changes will need to be made on the NetWorker server in order to enable the VA and DR proxies to communicate with it.

When logged into the NetWorker server as the admin user, open up the NetWorker admin command line:

nsradmin -p nsrexec

And then type in the following commands (replacing {hostname} with the lower case hostname of your NetWorker server:

. type: nsrla
update auth methods: "{hostname},nsrauth/oldauth",",nsrauth/oldauth",",nsrauth"
And when prompted, type Y to confirm your choices. Once finished, you will need to restart the NetWorker daemon processes on the server to apply the changes. This will cause any existing restore or backup processes to fail, so ensure this is ran during a period where there is no activity.

The above command will allow the DR proxies to execute commands on the NetWorker server directly but will not weaken any security to any of the external clients.