How do I install the Cristie VA?

You can download the Cristie VA from our website.
The link is: for deploying to VMware environments.

You can also deploy to KVM based environments by deploying, or to Hyper-V by deploying

If you do not know how to deploy VM images (or do not have permissions to do so) please contact your system administrator.

For example, within the vSphere Web Client, select Actions > Deploy OVF Template… and then follow the onscreen instructions, navigating to the OVA you have downloaded from our Portal site or public repository.

  • Note: During deployment older versions of the Web Client may issue a warning that the OVA is self-signed. This is normal and can be safely ignored.

Once deployed, power on the VM.

In the console you will then see a welcome message. If you configured the root password during the OVF deployment you can login with the password you provided, otherwise follow the on-screen prompts:

  1. You will see the login is root and the password will also be shown to you - enter the password shown on screen and then you will be prompted to change the password to something that is known to you. This helps secure the VM and ensure the password set is only known to you and those who you choose to share it with.

  2. Optionally, you may then generate SSL certificates in order to access the GUI over HTTPS. The initial configuration script will explain how this is performed.

If you did not enter the network configuration during the deployment wizard, you may configure the network now using the config_network command.

The process to complete installation will then complete. You should then be able to access your Cristie VA by entering the IP address you assigned to it during installation, from any connected browser.

The structure of our FTP site has changed since this article was originally published. I have changed the above article to reflect these changes.

Setting the IP configuration is failing. Running “ifconfig” afterwards shows the following:

  • eth0, which represents the VMXNET3 NIC has only an IPv6 address
  • virbr0, which is unknown to me, has an IP address of

I don’t think I have much control over this as long as I don’t use any typos, as the VM is of course from an OVA. I have tried this twice and carefully entered the information each time and double checked it. The appliance is on a /25 subnet. Could that be a factor due to some bug or limitation? The network address is x.x.37.128. I’m entering x.x.37.129 as the gateway and as the subnet mask, which are valid. I’ve obviously blacked out the first 2 octets in the screen shot, but here it is. Thanks for any help.

Sorry, I found the problem. The IP address I was using showed as available in our IPAM, but it was in use. Once I got a proper address all was well.

Hi Charles. Its great that you managed to resolve your issue :slight_smile:

If there is anything else you need do not hesitate to get in contact.