Firewall Port Requirements Cristie VA NBMR Simulation/Recovery (VMWare ESXi Environment)

Web browser Virtual Appliance
Manage the Virtual Appliance using a Web Browser

TCP 443

Virtual Appliance VMware vCenter
Discover the vSphere environment

TCP 443

VMware ESXi Server Virtual Appliance
Required to mount the NFS shares exposed via the Virtual Appliance, required for Simulation and Recovery

TCP 111, TCP 662, TCP 875, TCP 892, TCP 2049, TCP 32803
Versions Prior to 4.1 also require: UDP 111, UDP 2049, UDP 32769

VirtualAppliance DeployingSoftware (Windows)
WinRM is required to deploy Windows software from the VA

TCP 5985 (HTTP)

TCP 5986 (HTTPS)

Virtual Appliance Deploying Software (Linux)
SSH is required to deploy Linux Software from the VA

TCP 22

BMR Source Environments Virtual Appliance
Required for Licensing

TCP 80

Virtual Appliance BMR Targets - including Recovery Targets and Proxy Targets
Required to manage simulation and recovery

TCP 8080, TCP 4000, TCP 4001
Versions Prior to 4.1 also require: UDP 4000, UDP 4001

NBMR Recovery Environment including Proxies → EMC Networker Server
Details : Allows the transfer of backup data from the Networker server back to the Recovery Environment for DR purposes
Port : TCP 7938