Cristie VA fails to reboot - Failed to start Switch Root

During a reboot of the Cristie VA version 4.7.x you may find that it fails load the OS with the ‘Failed to start Switch Root’ error.

This is caused by a change during EFI enhancements that affected some systems

To resolve the problem and successfully boot the VA, follow the steps below:

Reboot the VM, when the ‘Cristie Virtual Appliance’ boot stanza appears press ‘e’


Change both ‘root=/dev/sda1’ and ‘root=(hd0,1) to ‘root=/dev/sda2’ and ‘root=(hd0,2)’

Press ‘Ctrl-x’ to reboot where the will reboot into the VA OS and allow browser GUI login.

This bug is due to be resolved in version 4.8 release.