Configuring Multiple Network Interfaces on the Cristie Virtual Appliance

Versions 4.5 and above of the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) now support multiple network interfaces.

Step 1.

Deploy the VA and allow the system to boot like normal.

Step 2.

Power off the VA and add the required network adapters noting the MAC addresses of each so you can map the adapters correctly.

Step 3.

Power on the VA.

Step 4.

Run the config_network command to configure the new network adapter(s).

Here you can see the definition of the two network types.

Operations: This will be the main network adapter; this network adapter will allow the VA to communicate to Source/Target machines as well as hypervisors. The IP associated with this will be used for primary communication.

Management: Management will be assigned to all other network adapters attached to the VA. Any network adapter under management will not be used for communication and will only serve as an entry point to access the VA.

Step 4a.
You now need to assign a network adapter to Operations to begin configuring other network adapters.

For example; If you wanted to assign eth0 as the Operations network you would type

o eth0

You will then be asked to confirm the selection. Confirming the selection will display the changes.

Step 4b.

Now you will need to configure your network interfaces with the IP address you wish to use.

You can do this by using the c switch, followed by the adapter you wish to configure.

For example, we want to configure the operations network by typing:

c eth0

This will then ask you for the details you wish to associate with that network interface

Step 4c.

You can configure multiple network adapters before exiting the script. This is done in the same way as the operations network above

For example. We want to configure the management network by typing:

c eth1

Step 4d.

Once you have completed configuring all network adapters you can exit by typing:


This will exit the application, restart the network services as well as the Cristie VA services.