X-Server may not start after linux recovery/replication

In certain cases, after recovering/replicating Linux SUSE systems (and their variants) the X window manager will not start, and the command “startx” will produce an error.
In the event of this, please try the following steps:

  • Delete xorg.conf located in “/etc/X11/xorg.conf”.
  • Rerun the YaST configuration tool by typing in “yast”
  • Run the Sax2 tool to reconfigure your display/graphics adapter, depending on your system this can be run as “sax2” or “sax2-vesa”
  • Try the “startx” command again, you should now boot into the GUI.

Additional note: When cloning a RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.6 64-bit VM to vCloud, X-server would (sometimes) not start. It was discovered that the font server was not running.
The solution was to run:

  • xfs &
  • before startx