What is boot management and how do I use it?

Boot Management allows the user to create minimal ISOs for network booting, and custom ISOs to boot the BMR ISOs/CloneManager with static IP addressing built in.

Boot Management is accessible via the tools menu:

Boot mapping allows the target mini ISO to boot into a Windows or Linux recovery environment for any of the features enabled on the Cristie VA by mapping a MAC address to a specific product and operating system.

You can optionally assign a target to boot with specific networking information:



Minimal ISOs can be built with pre-defined IP addresses or DHCP:


When a minimal ISO is booted you will be notified in the alerts section.

Custom ISOs can also be created within Boot Management. Please see the following links for more details:
Creating a custom ISO
Importing CSV files for building custom ISOs
Importing CSV files to bulk create boot mappings