Using TBMR 8.1.1 for Linux Intel (and later) to backup and recover Docker Containers

TBMR 8.1.1 for Linux Intel introduces functionality to backup and recover Docker Containers.

Details on how to use this are below:

Registry Setup

After installing Docker, the Cristie repository needs to be configured.

###Registry Authentication
Using the client user that has push privileges disabled, and can only pull images.
It is important to note that docker commands may need to be run as root. (or with sudo)

Use the docker login command.

docker login

When prompted for a Username and Password, enter the follwing (client account).

Username: cristieuser
Password: Cr1st13u53r15

###Breakdown of Docker Pull Command

Docker Command

docker pull

Registry URL

Image Name


Full Command

docker pull

##Using the Cristie Utilities
This section will briefly describe how to backup and restore a container with its volumes.

A help section is also available by using the command

dockrec --help

###Backing up a Container with Volumes
To completely backup a container to a TSM node simply:

dockrec -b container-name

You will then be prompted for the TSM Server/Node details, you can backup multiple containers to the same node.

###Restoring a Container with Volumes
To completely restore a container from a TSM node:

dockrec -r container-name’’ -d ''name-of-restore-container

the -d option sets the name of the restored container so that no conflicts occur when “cloning” a container.

###Without TSM Prompt
To avoid the prompting of information for the TSM server, options can be passed on the end of any other operation: