TBMR compatibility with TSM/Spectrum Protect 8.1

The TSM/Spectrum Protect 8.1 Client is currently on Beta release. We have been carrying out some tests with it ahead of its General Availability to see if we need to make changes to our software.

Our checks with the released TBMR 7.5.1 for Windows show that we do need to make some changes. We plan to issue a new TBMR version once the TSM 8.1 Beta release client is on General Availability. If you would like to be an Early Adopter of this release because you need to use TSM 8.1 with your Windows machines, please email productmanagement@cristie.com with the subject line of TBMR 7.5.2 for Windows EAP Programme.

We will carry out other tests across other OS’s in the coming days and publish results of our findings.