TBMR 8.1.4 for Windows Released!

I am pleased to announce that TBMR 8.1.4 for Windows has been released.

The headline features for this release are:

  • Now supports IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) Client/Server version up to This version of the client is now included in both the Windows PE5 and Windows PE10 DR environments. Note: DR recoveries require the use of either a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate when using Server version 8.1.2 or later.
  • Added dissimilar hardware support for Windows 2016 server recoveries in conjunction with a new Windows PE10 based DR environment. Note you will need to download this CRISP fileset separately to build the recovery ISO/USB flash drive.
  • Product upgrades are now summarised in the suite installer prior to the start of the component installation. The upgrade warning prompt is no longer displayed and upgrades now proceed uninterrupted (unless errors are detected).
  • It is now possible to boot the DR environment from a USB flash drive.
  • The product is supplied with a new version of CRISP 8.2.2 and CDS 4.7.5.
  • Updated the version of OpenSSL used in TBMR and CDS to version 1.0.2k.
  • Documentation updated for this release.

This TBMR version is now available to licensed customers via the Cristie FTP site.