TBMR 8.1.1 for Windows is now released!

I am pleased to announce that TBMR 8.1.1 for Windows has been released today.

The headline features for this release are:

  • Support for TSM/Spectrum Protect Client and Server
  • Support for Windows 2016 Server

This release has been tested for compatibility with Recovery Simulator 5.1 and no issues were found.

Further, this release has been tested with the Cristie Virtual Appliance and, similarly, no issues were found. We recommend users of TBMR 8.1.1 for Windows download the Cristie VA from ftp://ftp.cristie.com/CristieVA/Latest%20release/ to conduct Recover Now, DR Simulations and backup migrations to vSphere. You can learn more about the Cristie Virtual Appliance here: http://www.forum.cristie.com/t/what-is-the-cristie-va-virtual-appliance/210/4

This TBMR version is available to licensed customers via the FTP site.