TBMR 7.5.1 for AIX released today!

I am pleased to announce that TBMR 7.5.1 for AIX has been released today.

Some important elements of this release include:

  • Added support for PXE booting of the DR environment
  • Added a pop-up warning when a different disk from the original is selected for restoring rootvg during DR
  • Added support for IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) clients 7.1.6.x/servers 7.1.6.x

This release is 64bit only. TBMR 7.5.1 no longer supportes AIX 5.3 or earlier. As a result, the earliest TSM client supported is 6.3.0. For 32bit or AIX 5.3 support please use TBMR 7.2.5 for AIX.