Support for Windows 2016 Server

We have been conducting checks with our CBMR for Windows product for some time, using Technical Review versions of Windows 2016 Server. We will continue to do this and at this time can confirm CBMR 7.5.1 for Windows (which is currently in its late testing cycles) has not failed our checks with the latest Windows 2016 Server Technical Preview we have been using.

Other BMR products are reliant upon the compatible clients, such as Spectrum Protect/TSM, NetWorker and Avamar. Our confirmation of compatibility with Windows 2016 Server and those products is dictated by the release of those products. As such, it is difficult to predict exactly when we will release Windows 2016 Server compatible TBMR, NBMR and ABMR products. Our aim to release compatible products within 90 days of General Availability. In our Windows BMR portfolio it is rare to deliver later than that.