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How to simulate your recovery

To perform a simulation, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Simulate from the main dashboard

  2. Select the New Simulation button to open the modal.

  3. You will need to select the correct BMR product for the Simulation as well as giving the schedule a valid name.
    You will also need to configure the frequency of the schedule as well as the start time and date of the schedule.

    Click “Finish” and the job will now appear under “Simulation Jobs”

  4. You will now need to use the “Add” button to add machines to this Simulation schedule. Select the schedule underneath “Simulation Jobs” and click the “Add” button that appears in the “Machines” panel.

  5. You will now need to add the machine details, for more information on this wizard please see the following link:
    How to recover your machine with a third party backup product