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How to recover your vSphere virtual machine

Before you can recover a virtual machine, ensure you have deployed a proxy

  1. Navigate to the recover section

  2. Select the new recovery button from the Recovery Jobs panel

  3. Select the Protect for VMs product

  4. Select the machine you wish to recover, and the location you want to recover it to

NOTE: if you have selected a backup that is both onsite and offsite, you will be asked which backup you wish to recover. Offsite restores are slower than onsite backups as they need to be downloaded first

  1. Choose to restore to the existing machine, or a new machine. If you choose to recover to a new machine, you can specify on which host and datastore to create the new machine, as well as giving the machine a new name.

  2. Select the network for any existing network interface cards, and optionally add more to the recovered VM

  3. Click “Save” when ready