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How to deploy CloneManager

There are 2 ways to deploy CloneManager through the VA; either through Estate Management:

…or with the add machines dialogue in the Replicate section:

To deploy using Estate Management

  1. Navigate to the “Estate” section.

  2. Select the deploy software button from the machines panel.

  3. Select CLONEMANAGER from the product list
    Note: There is no need to select the trial checkbox, the CloneManager agent isn’t licensed. Your trial count will not be decremented

  4. Optionally specify bulk credentials, to apply the same credentials to all machines you add to the list below

  5. Enter the hostname/IP of as many machines as you like, using the green add button to add new machines to the list

  6. Press deploy software to start the installation process.

To deploy from the “Add machines” dialogue

  1. Navigate to the Replicate section

  2. Setup a new hot standby or migration job

  3. Open the add machines dialogue using the green plus button from the machines panel

  4. Enter the IP and credentials of a machine that is not running CloneManager and you see a link to install the software now.