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How to deploy and license BMR

Deploy using Estate Management

  1. Navigate to the “Estate” section.

  2. Select the deploy software button from the machines panel.

  3. Select the appropriate product from the product list

  4. If you have not yet purchased the software and imported licenses from the VA, you can deploy this product as a trial using the “Trial” checkbox. If you want to use a license, a list of available contracts will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Optionally specify bulk credentials, to apply the same credentials to all machines you add to the list below

  6. Enter the hostname/IP of as many machines as you like, using the green add button to add new machines to the list

  7. Press deploy software to start the installation process.

Note: CBMR for AIX/Solaris deployment is not available from the Estate Management view. These agents are deployed as part of the backup job managed by the VA through the Backup section. To find out more, click here