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How to backup a virtual machine

Before you can backup a virtual machine, ensure you have applied a Protect for VMs license and deployed a proxy

Create a new virtual backup job

  1. Once you have a valid contract, navigate to the Backup section.

  2. Select the new job button from the Backup Jobs panel.

  3. Select to protect a vSphere hosted machine from the “Protect a New Machine” wizard

  4. Follow the wizard steps to create a new backup job.

    1. Schedule - Give your job a name, and select its frequency and start date
    2. Type - Select full or incremental, backup retention and offsite replication options
    3. Pre/Post scripts - Choose to run pre/post backup scripts
    4. Summary - Review your options and press Finish to create the job

Add machines to a backup job

  1. Select the add machine button from the Machines panel

  2. Expand a host and select as many machines as you like to add to your new backup job

Your job is now ready