Failed to register CTM with source machine

The CTM message indicates that the Source machine cannot connect with the VA to check for available tokens. The message generated is: Failed to register CTM with source machine, error: Source machine offline, code 255

Failed to register CTM with source

There are two reasons for this: Network connectivity: or/and outdated credentials:


First please validate credentials by opening the Estate Tab

va estate icon

Search for and select the source machine


Select Update credentials

update credentions button

Select Full Validation for instance confirmation

Full validation

Check the details of the system and enter the latest username/password

Click Confirm

If the message ‘Error, specified credentials for are not valid’ show, please confirm credentials used with the system administrator

error-invalid cred

On successful validation the Update Credentials window closes automatically. Run the replication again.


The second reason could be because network connectivity is non existent between the source and to the VA, either because ports are closed/blocked and/or IP is blocked or down

On the source machine please check connectivity by logging into the system and …


To use Port Query (downloadable from Microsoft) / tnc /telnet etc and run the command on the IP address of the VA and port 80 e.g.

Port Query

PortQry -n <va-address> -p protocol -e <port>"


A ‘NOT LISTENING’ message confirms the port is closed

TNC in Powershell

tnc <va-address> -p <port>


A False message confirms the port is closed


Log into the source machine and run NCAT utility ‘nc’ e.g.

nc -v <va-address> <port>

[root@gm-testvsphere-va ~]# nc -v 80
Ncat: Version 7.50 ( )
Ncat: Connection refused.

Connection refused confirms the port is closed.

In the event of a failure please contact your network team. Once rectified please try the replication again.