Cristie Virtual Appliance 3.1 Released

The latest version of the Cristie Virtual Appliance has now been released with lots of new features and improvements to existing functionality!

  • Brand new - DR Orchestration has been added, allowing you to plan out your whole disaster recovery process.
  • The user interface has been redesigned using the latest UX principles to improve usability.
  • You can now create custom ISOs with pre-defined networking information via our new “Boot Management” section.
  • Backup server names are now automatically determined. No need to find backup server hostnames as part of discovery.
  • You can now receive email alerts as soon as your VA detects updates are available.
  • Disk/volume deselection has been enhanced for replication operations.
  • You can now abort a recovery at any stage. Previous releases required the recovery to have reached the file copy stage.
  • Manual discovery is now integrated within the estate management page.
  • You can now deploy to AIX/Solaris machines from the estate management section.
  • You can now modify simulation/replication machines once they are part of a job. You previously had to delete & re-add the machine to a job.
  • Updating the Cristie VA will now automatically log out all users. This ensures all users have the latest features available as soon as the update has finished.
  • You no longer need to clear your browser cache after an update.
  • DR config error reporting has been enhanced.

We have fixed the following issues:

  • You could have 2 machines with the same boot order configured.
  • Modifying a TSM/Spectrum Protect server name would not relocate the certificate (if applicable), resulting in communication failures.
  • CDS would sometimes fail to automatically start on RHEL5 systems after deployment.
  • The “reset_password” script was broken.
  • Install of the Windows CloneManager agent would not abort if the target system already had another Cristie product installed.
  • VA would sometimes fail to detect the end of a remotely monitored AIX/Solaris recovery.
  • OCI VM deletion did not clear up all of the block volumes.
  • Concurrent DR config retrievals would sometimes fail for ABMR systems.
  • Aborting a Windows backup would sometimes fail.
  • The “next run time” value displayed for replication was 1 hour out if you had a 4-hourly schedule.

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