Cristie VA 3.2.4 - Whats new?

The new Virtual Appliance 3.2.4 release (released 29/05/2020) contains the following fixes & enhancements.

Whats New?

  1. You can now suspend individual machines inside simulation/replication jobs
  2. Reboot existing replication job from Orchestration
  3. New Windows & Linux CM ISO & Agents

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Errors on software uninstall
  2. Use fallback value on CPU & RAM info missing in disrec
  3. Fixed start date defaults to current time when modifying
  4. Gracefully handle dashboard not loading
  5. Sort VA jobs alphabetically
  6. Modify simulation storing incorrect CBMR password after modify
  7. Unable to import Simulation from backup job
  8. Duplicate key error on deployment
  9. Windows 10 ISO fix
  10. Windows deployment fails to en-MY systems
  11. ET network script will retry in the event of failure
  12. Fixed import licensing not updating contract end dates
  13. Fixed product missing from estate deployment
  14. Fixed connection errors when adding systems to a backup job
  15. Fixed port test not correctly detecting open ports
  16. Fixed “support tools” section not displaying properly on smaller screens
  17. Fixed an issue where manual discovery could stop discovering systems
  18. Orchestration incorrect handling of the ‘&’ (ampersand) character