CoBMR Cristie Config cobmrcfg.exe hangs or freezes

Relevent to Cohesity Block-based backups of Windows systems.

On some Windows systems the Cristie CoBMR configuration program cobmrcfg.exe can hang and never complete.

This is seen when the system the config is run on is slow, has limited resourses or the disks are fragmented and happens during the hardlink scan.

When the Cohesity backup is block-based, it is safe to skip the hardlink scan to allow the config to complete. However, the option is only available when the system is using Cohesity Block backups. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION ON FILE BASED BACKUPS, it will prevent OS booting post recovery.

When running cobmrcfg use the / skiphard links flag

cobmrcfg /skiphardlinks

This should be set in the pre-scritp under c:\program files\cohesity\user_scripts CoBMR Cohesity Pre-script