CBMR sparse file inclusion

Certain files in Linux, for example Oracle database old files OLAP51.olr, get read as sparse files and automatically skipped in a CBMR backup.

From CBMR 8.7.1193 you can modify the ubax.ini file or add a flag to inlude these files when running from the command line.

When using the GUI modify ubax.ini and add one of the following:
BackupSparseFiles=0 to exclude
BackupSparseFiles=1 to include.

Or when using the command line (ubax) specify one of the following:

--backup_sparse_files=0 to exclude
--backup_sparse_files=1 to include

As always, command line overrides ini file.

The default is NOT to backup sparse files (existing behaviour).

Hi Geoff,

I need to download CBMR 8.7.1193 version, please help to download it. I’ll test this function on next Monday.