CBMR 8.2.2 for Windows Released!

I am pleased to announce that CBMR 8.2.2 for Windows has been released.

The headline features for this release are:

  • Now supports Spectrum Protect backup clients in the range 6.3.1 to inclusive. This version of the client is now included in both the WinPE5 and WinPE10 DR environments. Server versions supported are 6.3.1 to
  • The recovery ISO now contains only one Spectrum Protect client -, hence the “Use latest client” option has been removed.
  • The hard-link scan will be skipped for certain (tested) Spectrum Protect BA Client versions. This will significantly speed up the “save configuration” phase (i.e. the run of CBMRCfg), making installs quicker as well.
  • In the DR restore wizard the Volume and File system layout screens now use larger icons. These are designed to be more distinct to those with poor vision or colour-blindness.
  • There is a new option in the DR target disk layout screen called “Disk Information”. This gives more detail regarding the detected disks.
  • The suite installer now includes the WinPE10 based CRISP fileset for creating Recovery Environments specifically for Windows 10 and 2016. Note the fileset will only now be installed if the correct version of the Microsoft WADK 10 version 1703 ‘Creator’s Update’ is installed on the host.
  • Improved upgrade support from earlier versions.
  • The ability to create a WinPE2 32-bit based DR environment is no longer available. Please use either WinPE5 or WinPE10 based DR environment for recoveries.
  • 32-bit versions of Windows OS’s are no longer supported by CBMR.
  • Now supports the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) version 2.2.
  • Documentation updated for this release.

This CBMR version is available to licensed customers via the Cristie FTP site.