CBMR 7.5.1 for Windows now released!

On 27 September 2016 CBMR 7.5.1 for Windows was released on General Availability and can be downloaded from the Cristie FTP site.

Major themes of this new release include:

  • Support for IBM Spectrum Protect/TSM client/server version and
  • Ability to create a WinPE5 DR environment directly to a USB flash drive without using any third party tools - ideal to boot the DR environment on a machine with no CD or DVD drive
  • Updates Cisco VIC network drivers in WinPE5 DR environment - so now supports Cisco UCS B200-M4 blade
  • Improved UEFI to MBR conversions
  • It is now possible to configure the CBMR buffer size and buffer count backup performance parameters when creating an unattended DR answer file
  • A WinPE2/WinPE5 identifier has been added to the DR environment desktop, so it is easier to identify them

This is also our first release of CBMR for Windows we have tested with Windows Server 2016.