ABMR 8.1.1 for Windows PE10 DR Fileset Release!

Today we are releasing the GA version of ABMR 8.1.1 Windows PE10 Disaster Recovery Fileset (only). This is the main change compared with the previous beta release:

  • Added Windows 2016 dissimilar hardware support for vSphere when used in conjunction with Avamar 7.4 client and server. This fileset release now includes the PVSCSI (paravirtual) mass storage and VMXNET3 network drivers when used in migrating a Windows 2016 machine to vSphere.

Note that this fileset requires the use of CRISP version 8.2.1 or later and the Windows PE10 Assessment and Deployment Kit (WADK). It should only be used for Windows 2016.

ABMR 8.1.1 Windows PE10 Fileset is now available for immediate download from the Cristie FTP site.